a teatray in the sky

manfred von richthofen flies again

during his truncated career the red baron was credited with 80 confirmed air victories, and this saturday he took to the skies for a brief victory tour.  definitely my favorite kite from this saturday’s smithsonian kite festival (although the sharks were a pretty top contender … who doesn’t dream of seeing sharks gliding through the air?) (more…)

smithsonian kite festival 2010, and a peek at the 100mm L IS macro

Posted in 5D Mark II, Gearheadedness, Photography, Smithsonian and the Mall, Washington, DC by firthefirst on March 29, 2010

saturday was a real knockout beauty, the kind wednesdays dream of hooking up with.  the smithsonian picked a nice crisp day to get the 2010 cherry blossom season underway with their annual kite festival, and getting to hang out with my old studio mate Zee was an excellent way to spend it.  I decided to bust out the new 100mm macro for some kite-shooting and discovered that trying to capture the mood of a kite festival is pretty hard.

lots more to come this week, with a review of Hank’s Oyster Bar, a mini-review of Coco Sala, and a couple of photo series from saturday.  today’s a pretty lousy day for a number of reasons, but I figured I’d toss in a few kite festival shots to lighten the mood. (more…)