a teatray in the sky

snow in stowe

Posted in 5D Mark II, Photography, Stowe, Vermont by firthefirst on March 2, 2011

untouched snow has its own majesty, a sort of magic to the human eye and mind.  it’s pretty fundamental psychology: like a lot of other animals, we are mentally hardwired to be attracted to bright and glittery things, like diamond, gold, and metallic-coated chevrolet stingrays.  our visual system is also designed to make glittery objects seem bigger than they actually are (probably to more effectively induce us to pursue them), which means what you see in reality looks totally different than what you see when you whip out your pocket camera and try to snag a shot.

the cool thing about powder is that not only is it great to ski/board on, it’s also flat and fluffy enough that you can see a surprising amount of detail in the snow with your own eyes, and the hexagonal stars are crystal clear.  still tough to shoot on the camera without an MP-E 65 (which sounds like a weapon, but it’s really just a Canon) but I gave it a go anyway… (more…)

boom boom pow

Posted in 5D Mark II, Photography, Stowe, Vermont by firthefirst on February 28, 2011

even though Timber Lane is marked as a green on the map it’s also got a few stretches marked with a double-hash … some serious climbing.  it didn’t seem to slow down the pseudo-olympic skate-skiier that passed us oh, maybe 4 times, but it was a heck of a climb for the uninitiated.  what do you do when you finally crest the hill and need a breather?  make some snow angels. (more…)

northward bound

Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, Photography, Stowe, Vermont by firthefirst on February 28, 2011

had a fantastic weekend heading just about as far north as you can go before you end up in the land of people who say “eh?” as tina and I met up with kel and rachel to go cross-country skiing.  the trip just reinforced what I already knew, that skiing in Vermont is some of the best skiing on the east coast and I can’t wait to be back up there again.  since it wasn’t a downhill session I figured it’d be worth it to bring the camera and tripod along … which turned out to be a horrid idea, at least initially.  well, you’ll hear more about it.

stoked to be seeing CounterPoint tonight in a show that features the work of National Geographic photographer Bruce Dale.  Jory just told me that he had mentioned me to Bruce, who then went and looked at my blog.  which is sort of like having a four-star Michelin chef popping in and tasting your home cooking.  I’ll be that sheepish dude in the corner, enjoying myself immensely.