a teatray in the sky

merry christmas

Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, G9, Logan, Photography, Utah by firthefirst on December 25, 2010

it’s shaping up to be a white christmas this year in maryland and that’s awesome.  maybe you’re lucky and you’re from finland, or minnesota, or someplace with inuits, but down here, snow is special.  almost precious.  I’ve read that with global warming, temperate, high precipitation climates (like the US east coast, the united kingdom, and the pacific northwest) will receive more snow in the winters.  which makes me wonder if I don’t secretly support a little more global warming?

because it’s just starting to snow, I decided to post some snowscapes from a ski trip to Utah a couple of years ago.  the fun thing about the images is that they’re taken on the trusty, crusty old canon G9.  for anyone who wanted a DSLR in their stocking but got coal instead … cheer up!  you can take great photos with a compact camera, just learn to use it well. (more…)