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promises, promises

Posted in 5D Mark II, Broadway, New York City, Photography by firthefirst on July 12, 2010

you know where this one is going.  oh yes.  we did go see promises, promises.  with none other in the lead roles but sean hayes and kristin chenoweth in real sparkling life.  it’s a more traditional broadway musical than I normally like but heck, even sugar-coated candy can be great when it’s just damn good sugar on damn good candy. (more…)

one short day in the emerald city

Posted in Broadway, Food, G9, New York City, Photography by firthefirst on April 11, 2010

for tina’s birthday last weekend we took a quick jaunt up to the big apple to go see Wicked and eat cupcakes.  our mission was simple: to relax and enjoy New York City.  that’s not an easy thing for me because gotham just isn’t my sort of town normally.  maybe it’s overexposure, but lately I’ve actually been starting to like it.  or maybe it’s the broadway shows.

the thing with Wicked is, I’ve had the CD since the show first hit broadway during the last ice age (2003 or so) and yeah, even though I’m not 15 and blond, I can pretty much sing along to “Popular”.  don’t judge.  so, I’ve always known it was a great musical.  but there’s plenty of great musicals out there.  does Wicked really have that extra bit of magic, that transcendant ability to become a fantastic musical? (more…)