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hanging out with CounterPoint

Posted in 5D Mark II, Music, Photography by firthefirst on March 7, 2011

posting some of the informal shots that I took of CounterPoint before their benefit concert last week that I decided not to upload into the original post here since it would have been a little … incongrous with the mood.  even though they always look so serious when they’re peforming/searching for sheet music they are actually a really fun and laid back bunch.  even Danielle smiles … sometimes.  proof below: (more…)

CounterPoint for Chris4Life

Posted in 5D Mark II, Music, Photography by firthefirst on March 3, 2011

it’s been a CounterPoint double-header this week, with a private performance on Monday stacked back-to-back with a benefit concert for Chris4Life, promoting colon cancer awareness month.  it’s not a glamorous subject but it’s an important one that impacts a surprising number of people, and CounterPoint delivered an incredibly moving and intense performance to commemorate those who have suffered from the disease and to inspire those who are still fighting it.  some powerful use of multimedia (which doesn’t get done nearly enough in the classical world) in solo performances by Danielle and Jory made it a really memorable evening. (more…)

CounterPoint at the Pakistani Embassy

Posted in 5D Mark II, Music, Photography by firthefirst on February 19, 2011

I always enjoy hearing from CounterPoint because it tends to mean something awesome is about to go down.  so I was pretty excited when I got the call to meet up with them at the Pakistani Embassy again (last time’s photos are here).  the thing that CounterPoint really tries to push is to make classical music performance multidimensional, a real experience beyond the traditional sit-in-your-seat-and-listen-in-a-dark-room way of absorbing musical performance.  the idea this time was to showcase the work of famous Pakistani artist Shahid Rassam by not only displaying the work during the performance, but having him actually create a work in the midst of the musical performance. (more…)

counterpoint premiere

Posted in 5D Mark II, Music, Photography, Washington, DC by firthefirst on October 29, 2010

had the amazing opportunity to shoot the premiere performance of CounterPoint, a new ensemble that was co-founded by tina’s old friend jory herman.  you run into people in the craziest places, and sometimes that place is onstage at the kennedy center.  jory invited me to take some photos during a benefit concert at the Embassy of Pakistan which would raise money for the flood victims in pakistan.  great cause, great music, what’s not to like? (more…)