a teatray in the sky

dance of the sugarloaf fairy

Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, Germantown, Maryland, Photography by firthefirst on April 10, 2010

the moving-in saga continues, and has pretty much consumed all of my (and tina’s) post-work time this week.  that, and driving to the wrong airport to pick up her brother.  I’m sure the vikings did that sort of thing too *cough* Greenland *cough* but boy I bet the northlanders didn’t have so much styrofoam left over when they moved villages.  has nobody told West Elm that good-old-styro is so 1995? (more…)

downtime and home at last

Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, Germantown, Maryland, Photography, Technique and Development by firthefirst on April 2, 2010

this week has been pretty much insanity congealed into liquid form and then shoved down the throat.  for those of you who don’t know yet, we just bought a house, so there’s lot’s to do, and unfortunately Tina got a cold in addition to her other birthday gifts this week.  so this photo I took yesterday of the road construction at Father Hurley Boulevard near the new home is pretty symbolic I think … beauty and order are just beyond the hill, but right now everything is piles of crushed rock and heavy lifting.  still, I’ve got a photo or two you might be interested in… (more…)

Tao Yuan (Pacifica Cafe)

Posted in 5D Mark II, Food, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Photography by firthefirst on March 23, 2010

the search for the perfect brunch is a ceaseless one.  wars have been fought over eggs benedict, cities razed for the perfect crêpe, families torn asunder because the french toast was just a little bit soggy in the middle.  chinese food has largely declared neutrality and abstained from the conflict, shielding itself behind great walls of tofu.  and just like chinese people, chinese food has come to settle in the DC area, where in the peace and quiet of the suburbs they can send their little buns to high schools ranked in the top 100 by usa today (thumbs down to rankings, an abomination of the pure form of lists).

well anyone who’s watched a Bruce Willis movie knows that peace and quiet just can’t last forever.  and there can only be one sheriff in this town.  so who will be wyatt earp?  and who will be billy clanton? (more…)