a teatray in the sky

architecture in atlanta

Posted in 5D Mark II, Architecture, Atlanta, Georgia, Photography by firthefirst on June 15, 2011

what happens when you plunk a troop of architecture nerds in a city none of them have ever been in before?  they go see architecture.  lots of it, while discussing architecture the whole time.  do you find yourself avoiding your architect friends sometimes?  that’s the reason why. (more…)


welcome to hotlanta

Posted in 5D Mark II, Atlanta, Food, Georgia, Photography by firthefirst on June 14, 2011

who knew being a groomsman was this much work?  who knew atlanta would be so damn fun?

the answer to both questions is: not me.  going down to the ATL for jon + angela’s wedding with tina, justin, and a mini-upenn crew is probably one of the best 4-day weekends I’ve ever had.  forget 3-day weekends, let’s have more 4-day holiday weekends. (more…)