a teatray in the sky

National Museum of Qatar, Jean Nouvel

Posted in Architecture, Concepts, Jean Nouvel by firthefirst on March 24, 2010

I know what it looks like.  somebody’s unfinished 3ds max renderings just escaped from studio at 3 in the a.m.  for real, the sky hasn’t even been retouched, it’s just what the skylight system sets as the default environment map.     

but no, this is in fact what Mr. Nouvel dropped on tuesday as his proposed design for the new National Museum of Qatar at MOMA up in new york.  apparently, when you’re a student and you pull one of these, you get a frothing critic and ringing eardrums (up until the fifth beer or so that night).  when you’re Nouvel, you get the new york times critic and a gushing rave, claiming the project as Nouvel’s “most overtly poetic act of cultural synthesis yet”. (more…)