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a tale of one city

Posted in Alabama, Birmingham, Food, Photography, SD1300 IS by firthefirst on September 21, 2011

this is a (short) tale of one city, many barbeque joints, and a mission.  to eat as much barbeque as possible (sort of, we were actually down south for work).  when we asked folks from Birmingham what their favorite local BBQ joint was, we ended up with a surprisingly small answer set: Full Moon, and Jim ‘n Nick’s.  I really would have liked to have my 5DII with me but I didn’t feel like lugging it around for a business daytrip, and so I wound up shooting with Tina’s little SD1300 IS compact camera.  so believe me when I say, it’s even better than it looks in the photos.

Birmingham is a oddly-sized city that teeters somewhere on the edge between a large town and small city.  it appears loose and sprawling when seen from a map, but on the ground driving it never takes you more than 10 minutes to get to wherever you are going.  there’s a fair number of very picturesque and well-designed churches, and a fantastic public library, but the buildings that Scott and I were paying attention to the whole time were the brick boxes with signs proclaiming “BBQ” out front.

we tackled Jim ‘n Nick’s at lunchtime.  the sandwiches may not look huge but they fill you up, and of course you can’t argue with the sides … spot-on mac’n’cheese and collard greens.  I really want to try their ribs the next time as I really like their sauce.  the coconut pie is how I imagine my grandmother would make it if my grandma were from the South, instead of from the Far East.

Full Moon is definitely the sort of place you feel right at home at.  it’s friendly and cozy and you can tell they love them some ribs and some football down here.  Scott and I didn’t have a chance to dine in since we had a (on time this time around thank god) flight to catch, so I just snagged a rib sandwich and some of their divine chocolate cookies to go.

at the airport, Scott had to ward off a hasty ploy by airport security to confiscate his BBQ once they saw Full Moon written on the bag.  you know you’ve got something special in your takeout when that happens.  I proceeded to dine in high fashion en route to DC, which earned me the ire of probably the first five rows of passengers on our Southwest flight.  next time around, I’ll have to flip-flop what I order at the two locations so I can better compare.  that, and I have to bring down the 5D Mark II and take some photos that do the food justice.

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