a teatray in the sky

snow in stowe

Posted in 5D Mark II, Photography, Stowe, Vermont by firthefirst on March 2, 2011

untouched snow has its own majesty, a sort of magic to the human eye and mind.  it’s pretty fundamental psychology: like a lot of other animals, we are mentally hardwired to be attracted to bright and glittery things, like diamond, gold, and metallic-coated chevrolet stingrays.  our visual system is also designed to make glittery objects seem bigger than they actually are (probably to more effectively induce us to pursue them), which means what you see in reality looks totally different than what you see when you whip out your pocket camera and try to snag a shot.

the cool thing about powder is that not only is it great to ski/board on, it’s also flat and fluffy enough that you can see a surprising amount of detail in the snow with your own eyes, and the hexagonal stars are crystal clear.  still tough to shoot on the camera without an MP-E 65 (which sounds like a weapon, but it’s really just a Canon) but I gave it a go anyway…

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