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Local 121

Posted in 5D Mark II, Food, Photography, Providence, Rhode Island by firthefirst on March 1, 2011

I’m doing this to be cruel to myself because I am starving already but the hour hand hasn’t even hit onze on the dial yet.  why?  penance of some sort for … something, I guess.  there must be something.  I’ve received a number of pseudo-compliants about the amount of food-porn on the blog and I suppose that must be why I feel compelled to tease myself in return.  today’s culinary ecstasy/torture is brought to you courtesy of kelly, who took me and tina out to Local 121 in Providence to escape a dramatic rainstorm in the throes of a late-season oscar nomination attempt.

the interior of Local 121 is a meld of ivy-league poshness and prohibition-era rogue-ishness which seems exactly right for a town like Providence.  the food lives up to 121’s motto of being “fresh and local” but maybe they should add “and sumptuous” to the tagline.  each dish comes out looking immaculate and wonderfully desirable, and while you will certainly be full by the end you won’t feel gross.  you feel like goldilocks skipping the first two bowls of porridge and getting to the one that’s just right — not too much this, not too much that, nothing at all you could pick at.  looking back on it, I think that was the best burger I’ve had in at least the past year.  and for those of you who know how often I partake of the most important food group (don’t hamburgers form the base of the FDA-approved food pyramid?) you know that’s a huge recommendation/commendation.

great dessert menus are like great (or terrible, depending on how you look at it) chemistry exam questions: they’re the ones that really make you fidget in your seat, debate your future, and try to peek over the shoulder of the person seated next to you and try to figure out what they decided to do.  fortunately, dessert menu tests are administered by wait staff that tend to be (almost unanimously) far nicer and far more helpful than your chemistry (or Phamistry) professor.  so we just asked.  and she delivered.  a Baked Rhode Island.

…… and it’s lunchtime for me.  can’t take this any longer


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  1. catsilk said, on March 1, 2011 at 11:36 am

    it all looks so lovely! especially the first dish

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