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8407 kitchen bar

Posted in 5D Mark II, Food, Maryland, Photography, Silver Spring by firthefirst on February 2, 2011

went with momo some time ago to eat in silver spring since she was house-sitting.  as a 270-corridor-ite, we rarely venture out to the 95-corridor to eat (or even 495-north I guess) but hey, we always welcome the chance to explore the known world a bit more.  8407 kitchen bar (more commonly referred to by either just “8407”, or just “kitchen bar”) is one of those trendy new establishments that combine local sourcing and reinvented american cooking.  the trend apparently also involves being very successful, because 8407 was packed while we were there, and once you take a bite you realize why.

the approach at 8407 appears to be to take a dish, and ratchet the flavor dial up to 11.  it works, except that a few of the stronger/denser dishes end up becoming overly rich, to the point that you feel like you’re done after a few bites.  at the same time, you desperately want to eat more.  looking back over the last month, the steak at 8407 is one of the best we’ve had, and coming from a decidedly picky pair of steak eaters, that means something.

for the photography this time, I decided to go for black and white again, as it seemed to fit with the warm, grainy atmosphere of silver spring.  black and white food photography is much harder to pull off than you would at first think, because a large part of food photography’s appeal is dependant on the color and saturation.  take a look at any food ad, and then look at the actual food on your plate.  notice any differences?  so you have to be very careful about which color filter is applied as you transition to b+w to retain the correct feeling for the food, and then be very selective about where the blacks and whites hit in the image.

good beer selection as well, featuring our personal favorite (just because the bottles look awesome, although the flavor is pretty good too):

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  1. Jennifer S said, on February 4, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    ha. ryan likes that brand of beer as well, tho i am not a fan of ales… 😉

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