a teatray in the sky

boom boom pow

Posted in 5D Mark II, Photography, Stowe, Vermont by firthefirst on February 28, 2011

even though Timber Lane is marked as a green on the map it’s also got a few stretches marked with a double-hash … some serious climbing.  it didn’t seem to slow down the pseudo-olympic skate-skiier that passed us oh, maybe 4 times, but it was a heck of a climb for the uninitiated.  what do you do when you finally crest the hill and need a breather?  make some snow angels. (more…)

northward bound

Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, Photography, Stowe, Vermont by firthefirst on February 28, 2011

had a fantastic weekend heading just about as far north as you can go before you end up in the land of people who say “eh?” as tina and I met up with kel and rachel to go cross-country skiing.  the trip just reinforced what I already knew, that skiing in Vermont is some of the best skiing on the east coast and I can’t wait to be back up there again.  since it wasn’t a downhill session I figured it’d be worth it to bring the camera and tripod along … which turned out to be a horrid idea, at least initially.  well, you’ll hear more about it.

stoked to be seeing CounterPoint tonight in a show that features the work of National Geographic photographer Bruce Dale.  Jory just told me that he had mentioned me to Bruce, who then went and looked at my blog.  which is sort of like having a four-star Michelin chef popping in and tasting your home cooking.  I’ll be that sheepish dude in the corner, enjoying myself immensely.

making zongzi, a.k.a. tetrahedrons of joy

Posted in 5D Mark II, Food, Photography by firthefirst on February 23, 2011

one of the things that tina’s been trying to do is learn as much of her family’s cooking heritage as possible (and I tend to think this is both a very worthy project and so far a very successful project as well).  so at the beginning of February, with ma in town, our kitchen basically transformed into America’s [Taiwanese] Test Kitchen.  since I’m not so great with the traditional cooking (I can do steak, I can do pasta, I can do anything with a recipe, none of this recipe-free measurement-free asian cooking) I figured I’d help document with the camera.

today’s post/experiment revolves around what chinese call “Zong Zi” (粽子).  the correct english translation of this is … nonexistent.  the technically accurate description for these are “Gelatinous Rice Tetrahedrons” which to my knowledge is the only incidence of this geometric figure appearing in the culinary universe.  yeah, being math geeks really must run in our asian blood. (more…)

CounterPoint at the Pakistani Embassy

Posted in 5D Mark II, Music, Photography by firthefirst on February 19, 2011

I always enjoy hearing from CounterPoint because it tends to mean something awesome is about to go down.  so I was pretty excited when I got the call to meet up with them at the Pakistani Embassy again (last time’s photos are here).  the thing that CounterPoint really tries to push is to make classical music performance multidimensional, a real experience beyond the traditional sit-in-your-seat-and-listen-in-a-dark-room way of absorbing musical performance.  the idea this time was to showcase the work of famous Pakistani artist Shahid Rassam by not only displaying the work during the performance, but having him actually create a work in the midst of the musical performance. (more…)

wintergreen evening

Posted in 5D Mark II, Charlottesville, Photography, Virginia by firthefirst on February 11, 2011

one of the weird things about wintergreen is that, as far as “mountains” go, it’s really not very tall (nothing in the mid-atlantic region really rises much higher than a speed bump) but somehow it manages to find itself wrapped in clouds all throughout the evening and well into daybreak.  I guess virginia clouds are just lazy and like to hover low.  and after marching to dinner in freezing rain, what’s better than stomping back to a hearty fire? (more…)

wintergreen morning

Posted in 5D Mark II, Charlottesville, Photography, Virginia by firthefirst on February 10, 2011

struggling to make it through the work week this work, and I’m not sure why.  actually, pretty much this whole month.  just not a fan of february I guess… put together a quick panorama from some off-the-cuff photos shot at wintergreen last week.  makes me wish I could go someplace like this every weekend to stretch out, scoot around a bit on oversized chopsticks, and then just kick the boots off and relax.  everyone’s got their own winter remedy, and mine is to taste the winter.

8407 kitchen bar

Posted in 5D Mark II, Food, Maryland, Photography, Silver Spring by firthefirst on February 2, 2011

went with momo some time ago to eat in silver spring since she was house-sitting.  as a 270-corridor-ite, we rarely venture out to the 95-corridor to eat (or even 495-north I guess) but hey, we always welcome the chance to explore the known world a bit more.  8407 kitchen bar (more commonly referred to by either just “8407”, or just “kitchen bar”) is one of those trendy new establishments that combine local sourcing and reinvented american cooking.  the trend apparently also involves being very successful, because 8407 was packed while we were there, and once you take a bite you realize why. (more…)