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Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, Photography by firthefirst on January 7, 2011

2011 is here.  didn’t invite it to the party but it showed up anyway.  but, like any unwanted guest, the best way to handle the situation is usually to invite them in for drinks and just see how it ends up.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not looking forward to 2011.  I think it’s going to be a good year.  honestly, I don’t know that I’ve ever had any really bad years.  I’ve been blessed, lucky, whatever you want to call it, and I know it and appreciate that.  I just sound less-than-ecstatic about 2011 because I feel like I didn’t even get a chance to wrap my head around 2010 before the whole year finished filming, cut the lights, and left the studio.

tina was bugging me to make some resolutions for the new year, which I declined to do.  I find that most resolutions are too all-or-nothing or make it too difficult to objectively determine success.  I also firmly believe that, if you realize there’s something you should fix about yourself, you should probably start fixing it at that moment.  don’t wait for a new year to roll around, right now is a far better start date.  on the converse, every person has certain flaws that they will never resolve.  in which case, why bother wasting each year talking about fixing what’s permanently broken?  fix what you can, learn to like the broken parts of yourself, and accept the fact that not everybody else is going to learn to like those parts the way you do.

but if we look at 2011 as the arbitrarily determined duration that it is, and talk about things I want to see happen within that period of time, rather than unmeasurable self-generated and non-enforceable task orders, is there anything I’m gunning for in 2011?  sure there is.  (ahhh … the opportunity for a yet another non-ranked list, at last)

  • read more.  for someone who loves reading, magazines are like junk food.  tasty and it will keep you held over for a little while but after extended consumption it will make you feel gross and devoid of fulfillment.  I’m going to start by finishing The Corrections.  how many books did I read in 2010?  maybe … 3?  and two half-read books.  so 4.  quantifiable objective: read 5 books in 2011.  books initiated in 2010 count as a half.
  • spend more time with tina.  wow, really?  I mean, we already work together.  and live together.  I mean more quality time spent talking about stuff other than work.  going to cut down hard on weekend work days.  quantifiable objective: as long as tina says she’s happy at the end of the year, this one will be marked mission complete.
  • spend less time with tina.  yeah, phrasing, I know.  I think we both need to find time to get out and do our own things, just as every couple does.  quantifiable objective: same as above.
  • get licensed.  two licenses to be precise.  one from Maryland DLLR, the other from the Maryland DNR.  quantifiable objective: successfully complete all architectural licensing exams and the maryland hunter safety course.
  • learn videography.  this is something that started before 2011 and will continue long after 2011, just like the whole photography thing.  as with most things, it just comes down to practice and homework.  quantifiable objective: as long as Elmira + Jack are happy with their wedding video, this one will be marked a success.
  • keep shooting.  the blog has been a little slow lately because I’ve actually managed to go through pretty much all of my backlog.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m one of those people who shoots every single weekend rain or shine and never gets sick of it.  I have weeks that I don’t even look at my camera.  I do want to go out and shoot with gear even when it’s not new gear.  I want to go out and shoot just to shoot.  when you first start photography, people tell you it’s quality, not quantity.  but that’s not true at all.  it’s quantity of shots taken with a mind on improving quality.  quantifiable objective: more shots taken in 2011 than in 2010.
  • procrastinate less.  this is one tina was hoping to see up here.  but it’s not.  I may at times be better, I may at times be worse.  I see no way to quantifiably measure this and I see no way I can compel myself to truly stop doing this.  you’ll all have to just deal with it.  note this only applies to life outside of work, I am actually trying to procrastinate less on professional matters.  but I have to draw the line somewhere.

I hope everyone’s had a great 2010 and that 2011 will be even better.

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  1. Lee said, on January 7, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    J – NCARB does not grant the license, the state of Maryland does; you may wish to consider applying for the NCARB Certificate which facilitates reciprocity. Best on fulfilling all of your 2011 goals. Keep blogging to keep your accountable.

    • firthefirst said, on January 10, 2011 at 9:24 am

      good catch, Lee; thanks for being a great resource even long after graduation!

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