a teatray in the sky

some like it hot, second take

Posted in 5D Mark II, Food, Houston, Photography, Texas by firthefirst on November 3, 2010

ever since tina has moved up to the east coast, she’s been missing good tex-mex food.  trying to find tex-mex cooking in the washington, dc area will make anyone feel like agent mulder looking for alien life: the truth is out there, somewhere … isn’t it?  heading down to texas changes that in a hurry, you just have to keep yourself from stopping at eating at every roadside cantina you drive past. (more…)

tuesday gear day … because friday is too far away

Posted in 5D Mark II, Defrag, Gearheadedness, Photography by firthefirst on November 2, 2010

some of you already know I shelled out for this little beast, the canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM.  I don’t know why the “II” part of the name comes before the “USM” part of the name, and I have the feeling canon has no idea why they set up their naming conventions that way either.  don’t hold your breath waiting for a formal review, but you can see it in action in the teaser set from the counterpoint premiere.  also, since I haven’t shot with the older versions of this lens, I have no real point of comparison worth discussing anyway. (more…)