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Posted in 5D Mark II, Houston, Photography, Texas by firthefirst on October 27, 2010

and for those who do, there will always be a place called houston, texas.  went down primarily for celestina (aka tina #2) and nick’s wedding (as a guest, not a photographer, obviously) and secondarily for tacos and tex-mex.  mission accomplished on both fronts: had a blast at the wedding and then had a blast chowing down breakfast tacos at taco cabana afterwards.  so good.

my tina (aka tina #1, and by the way this is not a nomenclature I invented, this apparently has existed since high school) attempted to convince me to sing along with the vietnamese lyrics during the ceremony … except, when you don’t know vietnamese, it’s really not phonetic.

having now gone through a wedding myself, I have a newfound appreciation for other people’s weddings.  not so much in the sense that I appreciate the effort that it takes, but more that I can appreciate how happy you must be on your wedding day.  it takes joy and exuberance to a whole new level.

had a lot of time to work with the 5DII and discovered a raft of new custom functions and how to use them properly.  I think as of this month, between the zoo trip and the houston trip, I’ve finally gotten deeply familiar with every nook and cranny of the system.  next I have to start to learn how to edit the video coming off the 5DII properly.

very cute.

also awesome was getting to meet the super-cool meghann rosales (the artist of jug wine comix) and her equally cool comic sidekick thomas.  they pretty much look exactly like what they look like in the comic.

I know I always do this, but I can’t help, I still find it amazing — that last shot is ISO 6400 pushed an additional 3 stops.  say what?

congrats to nick and tina!

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  1. Tina said, on October 28, 2010 at 8:40 am

    the Tinas are married! 🙂

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