a teatray in the sky

yellowstone one-a-days: day 7

Posted in 5D Mark II, National Parks, Photography, Technique and Development, Yellowstone National Park by firthefirst on September 22, 2010

the most intriguing thing about yellowstone is that it’s a constant reminder of the fact that nature is always changing.  what would be subtle shifts in other environments becomes staggeringly obvious in yellowstone, and it is a revelation that, for all that man does to the earth (good and bad), the earth has its own cycles of health and decay that often have altogether nothing to do with us.

mammoth hot springs may not be as beautiful as it used to now that underground movement blocked much of the water flow to the surface, but I love the interplay of the living steps against the dormant steps.  all of it could change right back at any moment.  a little bit of rock shifting half a mile down is all it takes to reopen the hot gates.

a little more perspective distortion than I hoped for in this shot but it’s mainly because the boardwalk didn’t allow me to get quite to the vantage point I was hoping for.  happy with the late afternoon light and the way the darker living portion winds across the frame.

[exif: 5D Mark II,  Sigma 100-300 f/4 EX DG APO HSM,  ISO 400,  f/9,  1/400]

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