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yellowstone one-a-days: day 1

Posted in 5D Mark II, National Parks, Photography, Technique and Development, Yellowstone National Park by firthefirst on September 14, 2010

school has officially started and most sane districts are down to running single practices instead of two-a-days.  words can’t begin to describe how happy I am that it is football season again.  football is probably the only sport that I can watch both the pro and college versions of; hockey I only watch pro, basketball I only watch college, and baseball I only watch the CWS when that rolls around.  july-august is definitely a slow, slow couple of months …

so I’ll be taking my time editing my yellowstone/grand teton photos and just dropping them one-a-day.  one-a-day practice doesn’t mean the coaches cut you any more slack than they do during two-a-days, however.  so, as my coaching staff, its up to you to let me know what you think about anything and everything, including:

  • framing
  • color vs. B+W choice
  • color quality
  • composition
  • subject choice
  • other technique issues

to help you with this, I’ll put the EXIF data for each shot after each shot in case you’re curious.  if you don’t have a critique, but just a question, let me know as well. 

go terps, go skins, go ravens, and hook em horns

[exif: 5D Mark II,  Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L,  ISO 50,  f/20,  3-shot HDR at 1/30, 1/15, 1/8 processed with Photomatix Pro 3]


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