a teatray in the sky

[lots of] falling water

Posted in 5D Mark II, Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, Photography by firthefirst on August 17, 2010

tina and I took off on saturday morning in opposite directions but for the same reason: the bachelor[ette] party.  given the fact that Randy was responsible for planning mine, and Rachel was responsible for planning hers, you may begin to suspect that the two parties would veer in very different directions.

and you’d be right.

while tina and the ladies were glamming it up under the lights of manhattan, the boys and I were hokeying it up under the gaze of George C. Marshall in the middle of nowhere, spending the majority of our weekend at fallingwater and on falling water.  pretty much the best weekend a guy who loves architecture and being out on rivers can ask for.

despite the number of times I’ve been to fallingwater (five? I think), I’ve never been there in nice weather.  you get a much better appreciation of why ol’ Frankie chose the colors he did for the concrete when you see fallingwater ensconced in foliage bathed with late afternoon light.

also got the chance to go to kentuck knob again.  this is a house I would love to live in and is a jewelbox wrapped in a deceptively monolithic exterior.  if you are from somewhere way out of state and get the chance to visit fallingwater, you need to leave enough time in your schedule to see kentuck knob as well.  it’s all of 10 minutes away and well worth it to get a better feel of the variety of space even FLW’s intentionally rigid architectural vocabulary was capable of developing.

I’m not sure which of these I like better as they’re totally different in concept despite being clothed in similar skin.  to anyone who lives in, or is going to chicago, the robie house is a must-visit as well.  frank lloyd wright set out with a grand ambition to create a uniquely american architectural style in a rapidly globalizing world.  whatever else is said about him, he did manage to accomplish that, and for that I do admire him.

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  1. Tina said, on August 17, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    justin’s face is priceless in the first photo… as i’m sure of the rest of the crew if we could see them. i think your weekend, altho perhaps more tame than mine, was just as much fun. just look at the beautiful weather! love the A&F outfit too. 17 more days!

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