a teatray in the sky

promises, promises

Posted in 5D Mark II, Broadway, New York City, Photography by firthefirst on July 12, 2010

you know where this one is going.  oh yes.  we did go see promises, promises.  with none other in the lead roles but sean hayes and kristin chenoweth in real sparkling life.  it’s a more traditional broadway musical than I normally like but heck, even sugar-coated candy can be great when it’s just damn good sugar on damn good candy.

same as with wicked, I’m not going to wax poetic about the show.  it wouldn’t do it justice.  you just need to go and see it for yourself.  Sean Hayes is great with the physical comedy and has spot-on delivery (I think he’s already proved that on will & grace, which, yes, I did watch) but of course, as the whole cast of Glee has already discovered, it’s hard to share a stage with Kristin Chenoweth.  if you pride yourself on your karaoke skills, never invite this girl to a party.  if you want to take your eardrums on a roller-coaster ride that makes them say again, again, when it’s over … go see this girl perform.  she’s like the vocal version of mighty mouse; huge punch in a tiny package.

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