a teatray in the sky

manfred von richthofen flies again

during his truncated career the red baron was credited with 80 confirmed air victories, and this saturday he took to the skies for a brief victory tour.  definitely my favorite kite from this saturday’s smithsonian kite festival (although the sharks were a pretty top contender … who doesn’t dream of seeing sharks gliding through the air?)

I was pretty happy with this set of images because I had been hoping to post-process in a certain way when I first took the shots and the end result was essentially what I had in mind all along.  for the shots of the red baron flying I performed no additional gradation or vignetting, relying purely on the natural falloff resulting from shooting straight into the sky on a strikingly sunny day.  I also chose not to add any sharpening and limited contrast during processing because I wanted the photos to maintain a dreamy feel, although I refuse to add diffusion to my photos.  diffusion filters in photography are like glass block in architecture.  no matter how intentionally you use it, no matter how deft the handling, it’s still tacky.

this girl, too, dreams of soaring off into the skyscape with freiherr von richtofen on his gallant plastic triplane


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