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roll tide

Posted in Defrag by firthefirst on March 19, 2010

I’m sippin on some sunshine, gonna save it for a morning in the afterlife, and she’s drunk by the daytime, I bet she feels its just the same in the evening …

pretty much sums up your worldview when you’ve been up until 3 AM.  at work.  not boozing, not carousing, not even photoshopping to your little heart’s content.  so you shouldn’t be too shocked that this post isn’t starting with a photo.  but – don’t think I am holding out on you.  what I am doing, is going to the store this very day and picking up the Crash Kings’ album because it is hot.  these guys know how to build a song up right.

in the meantime, I wanted to get this teatray in the sky flying properly.  this twinkle bat’s gotta have friends, who are they?  I hate the term “blogroll” and I’m happy to see that the designer of my “Journalist v1.3” layout (site here) agrees.  so here are The Associates (a.k.a. the ballers):

the lady:  Tina’s blog (one inch tall) has been on the hotlist from day one.  you can go there to see and hear what we’re really up to, not what I think we’re up to.  the blog seems to be in a bit of revamping mode these days so check back soon for new content.

the photographer:  Peter Bang’s blog (Peter Bang Photography) is pure gold.  getting him to be our wedding photographer is like being a five year old girl getting a live pony.  what, you never got a pony?  the thing I love about Peter’s photography is the natural look – there’s nothing gimmicky about it.  his portfolio isn’t one where every shot is high-key, or cross-processed, or DOF’ed way out (so like, maybe the opposite of eating at Kinkead’s).  favorite post (one of several actually) here

the wizard:  David Hobby’s blog (Strobist), because there are three things everyone needs in their life.  a good bottle of wine, a talented legal counsel, and a strobist.  no?  I think the amazing thing about people like David Hobby (and David Black, and Joe McNally, and come to think of it, pretty much most great photographers) is the willingness to share everything they’ve learned with you.  free.  it’s like a wise Indian guru spending forty years without food on a remote mountain, and then going, “don’t bother climbing up here to ask what the meaning of life is.  I will come down to you and tell you it’s 42.  then I will show you how high-speed flash sync works.”  get addicted starting with the basics here

the Canadièn:  Brandon Donnelly’s blog (Globizen Property).  the only person I’ve ever met in my life more plugged in than Brandon would probably be my iPod.  (why classic and black matte, why do you ask)  and I mean seriously plugged in.  sweet pad opens up in Singapore, Brandon’s interested.  housing prices dip in Dubai, Brandon’s already heard about it.  innovative architect-developer collaboration hits the streets of New York, Brandon’s seen it before its complete.  case in point here, here, and here

that’s it for now – quality over quantity is the excuse we like to give here.


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