a teatray in the sky

blue sunday

Posted in 5D Mark II, Georgetown, Photography, Technique and Development, Washington, DC by firthefirst on March 16, 2010

it’s damn nice out today.  58 degrees.  I think I just saw bedouins outside my window.  so to cool you down, I decided to post an image from this past Sunday.  grim, eh?

as I was writing my Sunday post (note I am still debating whether or not to capitalize days of the week in john-grammar.  Sunday?  or sunday?) I was griping about not capturing the atmosphere quite right for a rainy day.  Tina noted a few images almost looked like they were taken on a sunny day, which was not the direction I wanted to go in.  then I realized why: color balance.  things that are golden/yellow-hued make you think of the sun and joy.  things that are grey/blue-hued make you think of the rain and your sucky life.  things that are pink with purple dots make you think, what the hell is this?

I was originally going for the middle look, but when you’re looking at it large, rather than as a thumbnail, it begins to look almost cartoonish.  too Andy-ooh-look-I-can-randomize-colors-Warhol.  don’t kill me if you’re some art major that spent three months in a moldy carrel writing a 400 page thesis on Andy Warhol.

so scratch the Na’vi look.  what do you do when you’ve clearly gone too far?  depends on the context.  sometimes you have to find a new job.  or a new spouse.  or a new country.  in this case, the solution is far less drastic and requires no paperwork of any kind.  you just take as much of the blue out as you can without leaving the photo looking unnaturally posterized.

so below is another shot processed in this way.  and tell me if I should capitalize my days of the week.


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  1. yangsc said, on March 16, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    the last image would be so much better if you got lower

  2. yangsc said, on March 16, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    crap wrong account

  3. Tina said, on March 16, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    removing all of the blue (at least on my computer screen) has made the image too…. prison-like. maybe i just think this b/c the subject matter is a bleak fence or maybe you still overdid it and took out too much color. i personally enjoy the purple dots one (j/k).

    that’s the difficult thing with images. do you have to place images in context with other images in order to set the mood? or can they stand alone? people gravitate toward the sunny happy one because who wouldn’t? it’s much easier to like than a dark almost black and white photo. how do you make images of a rainy day appealing then? i have no idea but i’ve given you a new challenge to overcome.

    Sunday looks better than sunday when pointed out; however, caps draws too much attention to itself unnecessarily. it’s all about balance… and perhaps consistency. good. fine. go with it.

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